DEWALT 8-Inch Bench Grinder Review (DW758)

DEWALT 8-Inch Bench Grinder Review (DW758)

Dewalt power tools are instantly recognizable thanks to their yellow paint scheme, but the truth of the matter is regardless of what color a Dewalt tool was painted you would always know exactly who was behind it thanks to the elite level durability, reliability, and usability that these products provide.

This Dewalt 8-inch bench grinder (model DW758) is no different than the rest of the Dewalt power tool line, offering professionals and amateurs alike in the kinds of grinding, sharpening, and cleaning capabilities that they simply would not have been able to take full advantage of with any other tool available.

If you’ve been looking for an 8-inch bench grinder to round out your workshop, this is the kind of product that you’ll want to purchase.

Motor size

Not only do you need to make sure that you have invested in a high quality grinder built by a company that enjoys one of the very best reputations in all of the power tool world, but you also need to make sure that it has the motor and horsepower capable of producing instant power that you can use for years and years to come.

Thanks to the ¾ hp induction motor that this Dewalt 8 inch bench grinder uses, you’re never going to have any reason to want for a bigger or more powerful unit – unless of course you’re looking to step up to something designed for the industrial level!

As far as professional workbenches and even hobbyist workbenches are concerned, this motor is going to provide you with absolutely everything you need to get the most out of each and every one of your machine products and projects – without ever swatting at all. It’s also capable of pumping out 3600 rpms without any degradation in quality, speed, or consistency. There really nothing else quite like it

Wheel size

You’re definitely going to appreciate the 8 inches that you’re working with on this piece of equipment, and the dual rear exhaust ports also help you to enjoy the process much more than you may have otherwise. 12 ½ inches of clearance distance between each wheel allows you to use larger and longer projects on the 8 inch grinder, another thing that you’re definitely going to appreciate.

Special features

This is, after all, a Dewalt 8 inch bench grinder – it doesn’t get much more special than that.

However, the ¾ hp motor has been engineered to the highest level possible, allowing you to leverage this specific piece of equipment for decades and decades to come with proper maintenance – which is jaw-dropping simple and straightforward.

This grinder is backed by Dewalt’s 3-year limited warranty which covers defects due to faulty construction or materials. It also includes Dewalt’s signature one-year free service contract which will replace any part due to heavy use (especially beneficial if you plan on using this tool a lot!)

Similar to other bench grinders, the DW758 includes  36 and 60 grit wheels, spark deflector and eye shields.


Sometimes 8-inch bench grinders can set you back more than $250, but you’re going to be able to invest in this high quality piece of equipment for less if you are willing to do a bit of price shopping. Yes, you heard that right, this premium Dewalt power tool can be acquired for less than some of the lesser quality competing products!

Most people invest in a 6 inch bench grinder when they are looking to purchase their first entry-level solution, but stepping up to an 8 inch grinder allows you to leverage bigger and bigger projects, work with pieces that you wouldn’t have been able to tackle otherwise, and enjoy a control over the entire project that you may not have had with a 6 inch grinder. Given the powerful motor and the quality of the Dewalt 8-inch bench grinder (model DW758), we give it a 5 out of 5 rating!

Purchase one at a great price here!

If you have experience with this tool, please leave a comment. We want to hear your thoughts!

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