Neiko 3-Inch Mini Bench Grinder Review

Neiko 3-Inch Mini Bench Grinder Review

With the many consumer model bench grinders on the market, there aren’t many that are available in a reasonable price range for most people. The Neiko mini bench grinder, however, provides plenty of power comparable to that of a higher priced bench grinder at a more friendly price.

As stated by the sales description for this Neiko model, this product is an ‘incredibly powerful grinder that’s available in a more compact size. It is so compact, that it is classified as a “mini bench grinder”. This particular design is aimed at professionals and hobbyists who need a much smaller grinder bench to handle small and medium projects (large projects will be difficult with this grinder).

Motor Size

Being a compact size grinder, the motor itself is designed with a small form factor. The power, even though the motor is 1.3 amp, however, tells a different story.

As indicated, the Neiko mini bench grinder is a ‘powerful grinder with a variable speed motor that’s rated at least 100 volts at 60 Hertz’. Users can adjust the speed from as low as 0 to as high as 10,000 rpm (rotations per minute).

Wheel Measurement

This model’s wheel measures 3 inches in diameter; the wheel has an arbor totaling 10 millimeters, while the tool’s flexible shaft collet is 1/8-inch.


The Neiko measures 8 inches wide by 5 inches in diameter by 6 inches in height. It also weighs only 10 pounds when taken out of its packaging! Despite the weight, this tool is known to be small enough to leave out on a regular tool bench for any handiwork.

This mini bench, as mentioned, has the ability to be adjusted to different speeds using its built-in speed control switch. It provides a notably wider variation of speed than other comparable models. This allows users to adjust the device to fit the handiwork they need to perform without having to consider getting another tool.

According to customers who have purchased and used this product, it harbors ‘adequate power for fine work’. Some customers have used this product for jobs like shaving edges and/or corners of steel pieces, in addition to deburring bolts after cutting them.

This product also includes a tool rest and a clear plastic eye shield for its built-in grinder, preventing debris from flying around during operation. The grinding wheel itself is made from aluminum oxide, although the grit itself isn’t specified. Some customers have commented that the grit is around 120 to 150.

Neiko’s Mini Grinder Bench also has a small ecological footprint, meaning that it doesn’t expend too much energy when in operation. Since the device is designed in a compact form factor, it essentially performs three jobs at once as a buffer, rotary tool and grinder.

One of the negatives attached to this product is the fact that the build itself isn’t as good as it should be for its price. The fit and finish, as mentioned by some customers, aren’t as well built as comparable products.


The Neiko mini bench grinder typically retails for $120 in stores. Many online retailers, however, commonly sell this product for less. Refurbished and used versions of this product are likely to cost much lower.

Overall, we must give this well-built Neiko bench grinder 4 out of 5 stars. If you are in the market for a “mini grinder” this is the one for you. At such a great price it is a steal! However if you are to use it regularly and for larger projects, we suggest looking at a larger grinder that can handle more capacity efficiently.

Do you have experience with this bench grinder? Please leave us a comment!

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