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August 2017

Dear Friends of KHCS,

How many times do we talk to folks we know and find out they believe in evolution, doubt the Bible have a small view of God or donít believe in God at all?  We wonder why and find out they have been taught this all of their lives.  Here at KHCS we present the Gospel so people can trust the Bible from beginning to the very end, believe and understand it is the very word of the God who loves us so much he gave his Son as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind so we may spend eternity with Him.

Romans 1:20 tells us of His creation and why we have no excuse for not believing.  Godís creations are awesome!  From Answers in Genesis we get a look at the hummingbird for example.  We see them in our yards and marvel at their abilities.  The LEFT and evolutionist tell us this is random chance as to how they came into existence.

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on the planet, yet they can do things other birds canít.  Those little wings beat up to 80 times a second.  This allows the hummer to hover in the air, shoot backwards and even flip upside down.  Theyíre almost like a helicopter, but more nimble.

The secret to their success is a high-octane fuel: the sweet-smelling nectar that tube-shaped flowers produce just for this occasion.  The sugar is converted to flight energy with 97% efficiency Ė a real winner in the avian world.  By Godís design, they can find this refined fuel virtually anywhere, like a gas station at every corner, ready 24/7 to supply the hummingbirdsí needs.

Their needs are great.  Active hummers must feed on this nectar five to eight time per hour, though they are not opposed to an occasional snack of insects and spiders.  Engines require more than just fuel.  They need oxygen -- lots of it.  Birds get their oxygen through their lungs, where it is transferred into their bloodstream by rapidly beating hearts.  Bird lungs are not like any other creature, thatís a different story.  With hearts fluttering at an astounding 1,200 beats per minute, hummingbirds have the highest inflight energy and oxygen requirements of all birds.  Even at rest, they breathe 250 breaths per minute and this rate increases dramatically when they jet out! 

Everything in the hummingbird is carefully balance to maximize flight and minimize weight.  Their powerful chest muscles take up 25-30% of their body weight, more than any other bird.  In this complex tradeoff, their legs and feet are extremely small; so small, in fact, they canít walk.  They can only perch and hop sideways on branches.  Itís important in cutting down drag during flight.

Imagine what it takes to control all these interrelated systems at super speeds.  Two separate wings constantly rotate and flip, sometimes at different angles and speeds during special maneuvers and hovering.  Their eyes must constantly process a visual field that changes dramatically in three dimensions.

Engineers and researchers can only marvel at the complex systems in this tiny bird and how its brain is designed for flight!  For Christians this conclusion is consistent with the scripture where God said at Creation in Genesis 1:20, ďLet birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavensĒ.  Such integrated technologies wondrously declare the glory of the Creator.

Godís creation as detailed in the Bible is so ominous and wonderful in design.  To believe His creation came into existence with no purpose and random chance is to willfully disbelieve and reject God and his plan of salvation for mankind.  Facts about the hummingbird are just a small reason to realize the Bible can be trusted as Godís word to a sinful world that needs a Savior!

KHCS is committed to bring God honoring programming and information to the Coachella Valley so that the gospel will be clearly proclaimed.  This is your station and we would ask you to consider becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry if you are not now.  The month of July has been financially difficult for us, maybe because of the weather, but we really could use your help!   We rely only on donations from our listeners to pay our expenses. If you wish to use VISA or MASTER CARD, just give us a call. 

We thank everyone for their support of the ministry of KHCS.  Your financial support is the only way we keep this station on the air for His glory!  Please remember us in your prayers.  Thank you!

In His Joy,

Dan Pike
President, KHCS
PO Box 2507
Palm Springs, CA  92263