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July 2017

Dear Friends of KHCS,

This month on the 4th we celebrate our independence as a country.  The United States of America was founded on biblical principles like no other nation in the history of mankind.  The freedoms we enjoy and particularly the religious freedom we cherish cannot be taken for granted.

We constantly hear and see on the news of the terrorists attacks going on around the world and especially in England.  There has been a long planned invasion of the UK and Europe by Islam.  The weak-kneed appeasing liberal LEFT allowed this to happen. 

Here is how the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion.  We know the Mayor of London is a Muslim and other cities in Britain have Muslim Mayors.  They have over 3,000 Muslim Mosques, over 130 Muslim Sharia courts and over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils.

78% of Muslim women do not work and are on free benefits and housing.  63% of Muslim men do not work and are on free benefits and housing.  The Muslim families have several children which have the same benefits.  The schools in the UK are now only serving HALAL meat.  This has been achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of a population of 66 million.

I was talking a few days ago to Ron Haus who hosts the Hymn Sing here in the valley and he just returned from Sweden where he was on an evangelistic tour.  He told me all of Scandinavia is very concerned with the Muslim immigration problem.  They do not assimilate and are creating a great economic problem in those countries.  He also told me the country of Norway is offering each Muslim the equivalent of 750 US dollars each to leave the country.  The problem is no one wants to leave because the welfare benefits are so generous.

Please note there will not be a Hymn Sing at the Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church during the summer months.  That’s July, August and September but will begin again on the 2nd Tuesday in October.  If you have not attended one of the Hymn Sings your missing out on a great time of singing the old favorite hymns and worshiping the Lord with fellow believers.

Is America being invaded by Islam?  Are we going to have more of the same kind of terrorist attacks that Europe has suffered?  Are our LEFT leaning politicians and judges aware of and knowledgeable about what Islam is and what the Quran commands of them through Sharia law?

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters from Inglewood recently said “if you don’t like Sharia law, you’re a bigot”!  She believes all Muslims are peaceful and only a few radicals.  Bridgette Gabriel said on an interview with Issues in Education that all Muslim are peaceful until they read the Quran.  89% of the Quran is political and civil while just 10% is religious.  Islam is not just another religion!  Islam encompasses all aspect of life for everyone not just Muslims.

Sharia law controls all of culture.  It controls speech, religion, voting, the right to bear arms, dress codes, diet, marriage laws, slavery and allowing men to have multiple wives.  There is no freedom in Muslim countries.  Death sentences are a reality for those who insult Mohammed.  Religious police enforce Sharia cutting off hands for theft and much more.  Infidels are to be killed.  Islam is incompatible with our Constitution and certainly Christianity.

As we celebrate the birth of America this month let us remember America has become the most successful nation in history, because Christianity was the basis of our nation, not by invading and taking over other nations.  We have had a Biblical ethic of kindness which God has blessed!  We must pray and be informed about people who would destroy us.

KHCS is committed to bring God honoring programming and information to the Coachella Valley so that the gospel will be clearly proclaimed.  This is your station and we would ask you to consider becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry if you are not now.  The month of June has been financially difficult for us and we really need your help!   We rely only on donations from our listeners to pay our expenses. If you wish to use VISA or MASTER CARD, just give us a call. 

We thank everyone for their support of the ministry of KHCS.  Your financial support is the only way we keep this station on the air for His glory!  Please remember us in your prayers.  Thank you!

In His Joy,

Dan Pike
President, KHCS
PO Box 2507
Palm Springs, CA  92263