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September 2017

Dear Friends of KHCS,

Now that we are in September, young people are going back to school and they are going to be facing many challenges, especially if they are in the public school system.  The protest events happening across the country can certainly have an effect on children and their understanding of our God given freedoms.

Martin Mawyer of Christian Action says Islam is replacing Christianity in many public schools.  He says school children are learning Islamic prayers while Godly prayers are eliminated.  The textbook, World History, has 36 pages on Islamic history and only several paragraphs on Christianity.  The U.S. Department of Education is funding a program, started under Obama, but still being used called “Access Islam” for 5th to 12th graders.  It instructs students to perform Muslim rituals, worship and learn the 5 Pillars of Islam, even how to use the Muslim prayer rug.  Students are told to “submit to Allah” and that, “Allah is the one true God.” reported that a student was suspended from Rollins College in Florida because he challenged his Islamic professor who told the class that Jesus’ death on the cross was a hoax and the disciples didn’t believe that Jesus was God.  This is the same school that kicked InterVarsity off Campus.

Since America was founded on Biblical beliefs, why isn’t American history taught?  Our rights come from God; they can’t be taken by government.  Jefferson put it this way, “Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove the conviction that our liberties are a gift from God?” Our Founders gave individuals the greatest freedom in history by limiting government; in stark contrast to Islam’s Sharia Law oppression by a few religious leaders!    

With all that is going on in our country, we need God’s help to preserve our Christian way of life and the freedoms we enjoy that honor God!  Our nation is at a crossroads and it is time for change to take place.

Here in the Coachella Valley, the LOV Movement (Lighthouses of the Valley) are planning on doing just that.  The LOV Movement is made up of churches, pastors and lay-leaders that get together monthly and pray for this Coachella Valley and that people will come to Christ!

This month from September 20th through October 29th, the LOV Movement invites all to be a part of the 40 Days of Love.  This is a Global Prayer, Care, Share Evangelism Campaign that has a goal to see tens of thousands of congregations participate from across the United State and around the world.

They have designed a 40 Days of Love “Prayer, Care, Share Guide” that will activate the members of congregations and individuals to proactively love on those that God has placed around them.  This initiative has the potential of presenting and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and transforming millions of lives.

KHCS will be having Pastor Mike Harrison of Church 212 and Pastor Chris Hurshaw of Cornerstone Covenant Church who are heading up the LOV Movement here in the Coachella Valley to give us updates every few day about the 40 Days of Love so we will know how to get involved and be prepared.  You will be able to hear them in the morning and afternoon drive time hours.  If your church does not know anything about this, I would encourage you to talk to your pastor and get your church involved.

A website that will give you more information is, however, the LOV Movement here in the Coachella Valley is organizing this with the entire valley as the evangelism outreach.

KHCS is committed to bring God honoring programming and information to the Coachella Valley so that the gospel will be clearly proclaimed.  A reminder this is your station and we would ask you to consider becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry if you are not now.  The summer months have been difficult for us financially, a lot of people are on vacation and escaping the warm weather, but we really could use your help!   We rely only on donations from our listeners to pay our expenses. If you wish to use VISA or MASTER CARD, just give us a call. 

We thank everyone for their support of the ministry of KHCS.  Your financial support is the only way we keep this station on the air for His glory!  Please remember us in your prayers.  Thank you!

In His Joy,

Dan Pike
President, KHCS
PO Box 2507
Palm Springs, CA  92263