Powertec BGSS800 Bench Grinder Review

Powertec BGSS800 Bench Grinder Review

The Powertec GSS800 is a product that’s a bit different from other grinders I’ve tried. It even took me a while to adjust to it, but once I did, I realized that this grinder is well worth the money spent. The small tool rests, which may be new to some, can easily be replaced later on.

I got mine to replace my previous grinder, which broke down on me, and I’d say that this one works better. Save for the minor nuances, what I liked about this is how relatively vibration free it is to use.

The 60-grit while aluminium oxide wheel that the grinder comes with takes case of any material quickly without building up much heat.

Earlier, I wrote about adjusting to the bench grinder, mainly, the tool rests. Aside from the size, they sit a bit on the narrow side. As a result, I had to replace one of the rest with a one-way wolverine, but that’s just me.

The tool rests aside, the POWERTEC BGSS800 Bench Grinder boasts a lot of nifty features. This includes a 1725 RPM designed to run as cool as possible to prevent the tools from overheating. As well as a 1/2hp motor that runs quietly while you’re using it.

The white aluminium oxide wheels also produce less heat and grinding is much easier with the 1-inch wide wheels.

If you’re worried about stability and vibration, then don’t. The heavy gauge steel base takes care of any such issues and much more.

Considering that it’s an imported product, I was surprised that the grinder arrived with no damage. Even the box was in pristine condition. So, kudos to both the courier for taking care of it as well as Powertec for making sure the product’s neatly packed.

Speaking of no damage, I opened the box to see all the components was there. The setup couldn’t be easier. I checked and turned it on for a few seconds just to check for any problems and the whole grinder was running smoothly.

From the little to no wobble of the grinding wheels and the lack of any excessive heat, the grinder works like a charm.

At this time of writing, I’m very happy with the product and I’ll be happy to recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a cheap, yet effective grinder.

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