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KHCS Joy92 is a listener-supported ministry.

Your help in enabling Joy92 to supply Information and Inspiration 24 hours a day to the desert is appreciated.

Please print this form and use it to send your support check to KHCS Joy 92. We now accept Visa and MasterCard payments.  Fill in below.


Make check payable to:
Joy92 - KHCS
P.O. Box 2507
Palm Springs, CA 92263

Phone numbers:
Fax: 760-864-9633

Name:___________________________________________________________ (as it appears on Credit Card)


City, St. ZIP:_______________________________________________________



Amount of support: $____________

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____This is a one-time support donation.

____I would like to be a partner to Joy92 with a monthly support donation of $_________.

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Be sure to fill-in all billing info for your credit card above!!

Card no.: ___________________________________

Expiration date:  ______________

Thank you for supporting Joy92 - The Desert's Christian Radio Station!!

If you would like to hear a sample of some of the Joy92 programming.

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