How to Use a Bench Grinder in 5 Steps

Being an American is defined by a kind of rugged individualism that has led to some of the world’s greatest and most recent advancements in science, culture, and the arts.  Even if your not American, there is something intoxicating about being a do-it-yourself person, who can get the job done.  An important part of getting the job done however means having the right tools, and more importantly, knowing how to use them.

Buying tools is one thing.  For example, there are any number of useful tools that make home improvement projects possible.  From the table saw to drills, each tool has a unique purpose and helps you get what you need done.  The other thing that few people consider however is what to do when your tools begin wearing down.  There is always the option to toss them, but this can be both financially wasteful and time intensive as you go out and buy something new.

When it comes to anything that needs to be sharpened, worn down, or buffed, your best bet is getting a bench grinder.

How is a bench grinder effective?

A bench grinder is a portable tool that can be secured to a table, others are fixed and already secured to tables. The majority have to be plugged in while others can run on batteries. It includes a motor that powers one or two discs.  Attached to these discs are any number of stones, metals, or brushes, designed to bring your tools back up to pristine condition.  Need the blades of a gardening sheer sharpened or a wood piece polished?  The bench grinder is the right tool for you.

Now you have one, great. What’s the next question you ask yourself?

How Do I Use a Bench Grinder?

Using a bench grinder isn’t difficult, and despite the number of models currently on the market, they all follow a similar formula for use.

1.  After getting a bench grinder, make sure to secure it to whatever surface you are working on.  This will more often then not involve bolting it to a table, however some models come with clamps and other means of securing.  It is not recommended to operate without bolting it down, as sharpening objects can cause the entire machine to move.  This puts you in danger.

2.  Before turning it on, make sure you have the correct wheel installed.  The wheel will change depending on what you are doing, and properly fitting it is paramount to using it safely.  Check the model for proper installation instructions. Make sure it is not plugged and turned off when changing the wheel.

3.  Once the correct wheel is secured, make sure the belt grinder is plugged in, or that the batteries are in.  This will depend on the model.  Turn on.

4.  While firmly holding onto what you are working on, move it into contact with the spinning wheel.  Be sure not to press to hard.  Instead take your time, and allow the spinning wheel to slowly perform its task.

5.  After your done, clear the surface of excess material and wait before removing the wheel as it can become very hot while cutting.  Consider wiping down the bench grinder after to help keep it in pristine condition.

If you currently do not own one, browse our reviews here and find out which one is best for you!